Cryptic Masons

Dear God, thank you for the example we find in the stories of those who serve you, sometimes when we most need an example.
In Your name we pray, Amen.
Grand Chaplain's Weekly Message
Providing a Cushion
August 5, 2007
My Companion,

We all travel through life in a very hurried pace.  Sometimes we can attend religious services, sometimes, we cannot.  However, we can always take a few minutes to thank God for allowing us to be here, and to serve our respective Grand Bodies.
Scripture Lesson
Read Jeremiah 38:6-13, 39:15-18

I was discouraged about my job and what meaning it all had when I met Ebed-melech on the pages of my Bible. Ebed-melech is an obscure character who plays his part in an Old Testament event. This is what God taught me from the scriptures: Like Ebed-melech, with a little extra thought and effort, I could do my job in a way that shows kindness and compassion toward others.

The prophet Jeremiah was held prisoner, deep in a cistern. An outsider working as an official in the royal palace, Ebed-melech would have been hero enough for arranging Jeremiah's rescue and for pulling him up with ropes out of the cistern. But Ebed-melech thought about Jeremiah's condition and his need. He devised a method of rescue that would be less painful for the imprisoned prophet.

Old rags and worn-out clothes-what a practical way to cushion and protect Jeremiah! Ebed-melech took the time to do a little more than was necessary, to provide for Jeremiah in a practical way. Perhaps I can find a way in my work to be responsive to people, to do a little more.

Ebedmelech the Cushite said to Jeremiah, "these old rags and worn-out clothes under your arms to pad the ropes."

- Jeremiah 38:12

How can I make someone's life easier?
May YHShVH Bless and Keep You,

Ron Blaisdell, M:. I:. P:. G:. M:.
Illustrious Grand Chaplain
Grand Council R&SM of Florida
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