Cryptic Masons

Dear God, thank you for being a constant source of comfort and love, especially when life is difficult.
In Your name we pray, Amen.
Grand Chaplain's Weekly Message
The Road Home
December 16, 2007
My Companion,

We all travel through life in a very hurried pace.  Sometimes we can attend religious services, sometimes, we cannot.  However, we can always take a few minutes to thank God for allowing us to be here, and to serve our respective Grand Bodies.
Scripture Lesson
Read Jeremiah 31:23-25

Every summer I'd travel to my grandparent's home in Tennessee to visit them. As I turn down the road leading to their house, I think of the roads my life has taken, many marked by difficult circumstances and decisions I later regretted. I delight in traveling the road that leads that home, a home that has been marked by little change for 50 years. Returning is a source of comfort, a constant reminder of the love I knew growing up.

One morning, many years after their passing, I decided to walk down the same road that I walked so many times as a child. Little had changed. The cotton fields lined one side of the road, and the Mississippi was still hidden just beyond the levy.

As I returned to those times, I thought about God's unchanging love. I thought about the changes and difficulties that I have known since the wonderful, carefree days of childhood. Yet God has always been there. Like the road and my grandparent's home, God is an enduring and trusted source of comfort and love.

"I the Lord do not change ... Return to me, and I will return to you," says the LORD Almighty.
- Malachi 3:6-7

In a changing world, God's love is unchanging.
May YHShVH Bless and Keep You,

Ron Blaisdell, M:. I:. P:. G:. M:.
Illustrious Grand Chaplain
Grand Council R&SM of Florida
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