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God, help us to forgive others, as you have forgiven us.
In Your name we pray, Amen.
Grand Chaplain's Weekly Message
Pulling the Weeds
April 27, 2008
My Companion,

We all travel through life in a very hurried pace.  Sometimes we can attend religious services, sometimes, we cannot.  However, we can always take a few minutes to thank God for allowing us to be here, and to serve our respective Grand Bodies.

This will be the last issue of my "Grand Chaplain's Weekly Message."  The Florida Grand York Rite starts today - the Grand Banquet is tonight - and Grand Council will be later this week.  I have enjoyed my tenure as your Illustrious Grand Chaplain, and I hope that the 50 short lessons I put together for you over this last year, have helped to bring some light from God's Holy Word into your heart and home.

It was quite a challenge to concentrate on only the Old Testament in my lessons ... not that the Old Testament is not replete with great stories and lessons to be learned ... but as is frequently the case, we have been trained to "Preach the Gospel," so it has helped me to reach back and remember important lessons that I have learned and experienced.

Many times the challenge was following the KISS principle. You get eager to expand on the lesson, put in more historical background, and expand on the content - but then, fewer would read.

I appreciate you welcoming me into your inbox each week, and I pray for you and yours as you continue to serve the Craft in years to come.
Scripture Lesson
Read Romans 7:14-8:2

I like to plant. Given the opportunity, I would fill our entire yard with flowers. But I do not like to pull weeds, even though weeds will eventually choke out my plants and kill them if allowed to grow unchecked.

When I examine my life, I realize that sometimes I am reluctant to pull the weeds there, too. I try to be nice to people. But if we disagree on minor issues, I don't always overlook our differences. When I hear gossip, I'm apt to repeat it. If my neighbor irritates me, I am more likely to take offense than to forgive and forget. When I annoy others, I seldom change. Such actions are "weeds" in me.

I want to plant only positive seeds of happiness in my relationships. But it is difficult to accept the fact that I and others are neither perfect nor blameless. Just as weeds can choke out other plants, anger and stubbornness can destroy relationships. With God's help, I can change as I allow the God to work within me.

You are a God ready to forgive, gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.
- Nehemiah 9:17

Change is difficult, but God is helping us to become more loving and forgiving.
May YHShVH Bless and Keep You,

Ron Blaisdell, M:. I:. P:. G:. M:.
Illustrious Grand Chaplain
Grand Council R&SM of Florida
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